13 Beauty Tips On Ideal Manicure For All Situations

Everyone wishes to look perfect, especially, girls. However, even such trivial things as scratched nail polish or a chipped manicure can destroy all efforts. People can say that imperfections are perfect, but in the fight for beauty, most of Eve’s daughters do not recognize half measures. Still, the main thing is a good mood. Therefore, our advice for an ideal manicure in any situation will help to eliminate small flaws.

1. Return natural color to nails

Often after removal of bright polish our nails absorb its hue. Even an ordinary remover does not help. Indeed, his situation is familiar to fans of scarlet manicure. Olive oil, baking soda solution or lemon juice will help to get rid of discoloration. Each method works well separately, but it is possible to mix them for a 100% effect.
These procedures are for external use only.

2. Fix the broken nail

A broken nail is a real nightmare for lovers of long nails. The stress level is comparable to the drowned iPhone. However, unlike the situation with the phone, the nail incident can be corrected with minimal expenses. It is important to follow the instruction accurately. After that, you can hide the traces of “repair” under a layer of color enamel.
P.S. It is possible to use a piece of a tea bag as “plaster”.

3. The second chance for old nail polish

Your favorite enamel thickened, and you cannot find a replacement? No problem. Add a little top polish (the top covering of varnish) to it. Remember not to dilute the favorite paint with water or acetone. These additives will only worsen its delicate condition.

4. Remove traces of the inaccurate polish application

Applying varnish without smearing it over the skin? The mission is impossible. Yet a simple trick will help to eliminate consequences. Apply a little body lotion or a milk cleanser on the painted areas of skin, and then run over them with an orange manicure stick (or a simple toothpick). No traces will be left.

5. Paint your nails hastily… with glue

As a lotion in the previous case, the glue will help to remove traces of the uneven manicure that was made in a hurry. Apply little glue around a nail, and safely paint it, ignoring the borders. When varnish dries up, simply tear off the glue. It will stiffen by then. A negligent manicure will be removed with glue.

6. Glue instead of gel polish

Inventive girls apply glue instead of varnish base. Then they apply polish on top of the glue. According to bloggers’ reviews, it makes the manicure last longer, and usual varnish looks as gel polish. We consider this technique is for courageous.

7. Whiten both nails and teeth

The whitening toothpaste helps to fight against a dental plaque. Perhaps it will help nails too?

8. Plaster for the French manicure

The economic option of stencils for a French manicure.

9. Remove nail polish from a cuticle with a make-up brush

Magic with lotion and glue is jovial. Yet we advise those who remove manicure traces from the skin in the old manner by means of varnish removal to use not a Q-tip, but a thin brush for a make-up (for example, for a gel eyeliner).

10. Dry your nails in the water!

Sounds like absurd, but it works. Before buttoning, pulling the zipper and doing other necessary things with fresh manicure on your fingers, put your hands for a couple of minutes into cold water. The low temperature will cause enamel to stiffen much quicker.

11. Remove dents on fresh manicure

If you skipped tip number 10 and smeared varnish on one of your nails, do not hurry to remove all manicure. Apply varnish removal only to uneven edges of the dent. After that, there will be quite a flat bare area left. Cover it with color enamel and a top.

12. Chips at the edges? Just add spangles.

This method prolongs the life of manicure almost to infinity.

13. How to remove polish with spangles easily

If spangles on “eternal” manicure number 12 begin to irritate, they can be removed effortlessly the following way. Apply polish removal on wadded disks plentifully, then put them on your nails (one disk on each nail), and roll up foil over them. Leave for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure see clean nails as if they have never been polished.