8 Life Hacks on Nail Care

How to make nails strong, smooth and well-groomed

It is virtually unreal to be the owner of ideal nails without proper care and special products (oils, balms, base, etc.). However, it is not obligatory to spend a fortune on medical manicure and special drugs at all. Some tricks will help strengthen your fingernails and make your hands well-groomed in no time.


  1. Yellow nails give out smokers and those who like to apply lacquer without a special base. To get rid of yellow spots put hands in hydrogen peroxide solution, and then rub moisturizing cream on the nail plate. One more amusing and effective technique is whitening toothpaste. Apply it on the nails with a brush, leave for five minutes, and then wash away. Transparent pearl polish will help to keep the effect permanent.

  1. Only two ingredients — a spoon of olive oil and two drops of lemon juice will be necessary for the simplest and effective home nail-mask. Rub the mixture on a nail plate and a cuticle, and then put on cotton gloves for 15-20 minutes. For the best result, the mask can be made before going to bed and left on for the whole night.
  2. Replace your usual hand cream with the sunblock lotion with a high SPF factor (from 30 to 50) which remained since summer. Minerals (zinc, titanium, etc.) are usually used as filters in such products. They perfectly strengthen nails and do not allow them to exfoliate.

  1. Essie Weingarten, a manicure guru and the founder of her own brand Essie, advises soaking nails in a warm bath with sea salt once a week. Such a bath strengthens fingernails.
  2. For useful manicure use bases and coverings with protein and calcium. They stimulate the growth of nails and reduce their fragility. The base can be applied in two layers: not only on the outer side of a nail but also on the inner side of the grown nail tip.

  1. Madeleine Pool, an ambassador of the company Sally Hansen advises: “To make your manicure last longer, it is necessary to clean and degrease a nail carefully. Pay attention to the fact that today many varnish removals contain nutritious and moisturizing components. After using them wipe a nail with alcohol”.

  1. Several times a year (especially in the off-season) take dietary supplements with microelements (calcium, zinc, magnesium), squalene or collagen. The deficiency of these components not only badly affects the condition of nails, but also skin and hair.
  2. To sum up: if you want your nails to be strong and tough, stop doing household chores without gloves. Do not cut nails with scissors (it leads to layering as the free edge is not closed). Moreover, do not be fond of highly resistant gel coverings (they drain a nail plate).