Manicure Life Hacks

Eight useful tricks which will certainly simplify the manicure procedure

1 Spoilt your fresh manicure?

Do not hurry to remove the covering and to do over again. Dip a finger into water and rub the damaged area with a circular motion. Until the varnish has dried completely, it is rather elastic “to return” into place.

2 Not enough glitter in a decorative top?

Firstly, apply them with a brush on a cosmetic sponge. Varnish will be absorbed by it, and spangles will remain on the surface. Then it will be easy to transfer them to a nail in sufficient quantity (read here the detailed instruction on how to do it).

3 No special tools for design?

Use make-shifts! The toothpick will replace the dotting pen (a special tool for nail art), an old eyeliner will cope with the simple drawing on nails, and lipstick brush will flawlessly remove varnish from a cuticle.

4 Do you want an ideal French manicure?

Draw a straight line along the free edge of a nail. Then moisten a flat semicircular brush (or an unnecessary lipstick brush) in nail enamel remover and correct the uneven parts of the cover, moving from the center of a nail to its edge.

5 Is the gel nail polish difficult to remove?

Apply usual nail enamel to the center of a nail before applying the base. There will be enough coupling of gel polish with the base at the edges of a nail plate for the varnish to be held on long enough. But at the same time, it will be easy to remove after soaking in the gel polish remover.

6 How to protect skin from enamel remover?

Apply oil or greasy cream to the skin around the fingernails– thus the effect of aggressive substances will be minimal.

7 Have you broken your nail?

Stick it with a piece of a tea bag, and special glue for nails. The size of the piece should be enough to cover the breaking point.

8 Cannot remove glitter for a long time?

The tool for its removal can be made at home: take a whole piece of a sponge for washing cars and make a tiny cut in the center. Then place it in a small vitamin jar. Fill it with polish remover and peel the nail covering away in a circular motion.