Vitamins Needed For Healthy & Strong Nails

Female hands and nails have to look perfect in all seasons of the year. To make your fingernails strong, healthy and attractive to people around you, it is necessary to eat properly.

Having included the following products in your diet, you will be able to return beauty to your manicure quickly.

1) Vitamin A

Make sure you use products rich with vitamin A. The products rich in vitamin A are tomatoes, carrots, cod liver and all kinds of green.

2) Iodine

To accelerate the nail growth, eat the products rich in iodine, specifically watercress, spinach, avocado and different types of seafood.

3) Vitamin B

This vitamin, similar to Iodine, will help to grow nails quickly. It can be found in such products as germinated wheat seeds, grain, cabbage, nuts, and beer yeast.

4) Vitamin C

Citrus fruit is very rich in Vitamin C, and it, in turn, will help to prevent the emergence of fungus.

5) Vitamin E

Vitamin E feeds nails. It can be found in vegetable oil and sunflower seeds.

6) Calcium

It can be found in cottage cheese and dairy products. Thanks to it, nails will become stronger.

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