8 Useful Tips On Nail Care

Everything must be perfect in a well-groomed woman: perfect body, ideal hair, ideal eyebrows and eyelashes, and of course hands.

If you want to complete a facial rejuvenation course, then the procedure of a mesotherapy for the face was made for you.

In this article, there are 8 carefully chosen recommendations about nail care. Adhere to them regularly and your hands will be superb. For the silky skin of your fingers, we will recommend you a paraffin wax therapy which will support your fingers’ health and beauty.

Tip number 1. Get your nails done in a hygienic way at least once in 2 weeks.

Tip number 2. File the nails only in one direction, otherwise, they will start exfoliating. We recommend using a glass or ceramic nail file.

Tip number 3. If your nails are disposed to nail fragility, apply iodine on their surface. It can be done under the polish. It is necessary to do the procedure twice a week.

Tip number 4. Use a base under the lacquer. It will strengthen the nail and save it from the yellow appearing from the use of bright varnish.

Tip number 5. Before the cutting process of manicure, it is necessary to soak your hands in a special nail bath. It will help soften a cuticle.

Nail bath with aroma oils is especially useful.

The recipe of a softening bath with aroma oils

Add 1-2 particles of sea salt and 2-3 drops of aroma oil to a small amount of the heated water. Put your hands down in the water for 15 minutes. Then wipe them dry with a soft towel and now you can start doing a manicure.

Tip number 6. Do not forget to feed nails with cream. Apply it daily on the nail surface and around it.

Tip number 7. Buy almond oil and nourish your cuticle with it from time to time.

Tip number 8. Make baths with sea salt at least once a week.