Cuticle Care Tips

The most essential rules which will help to achieve ideal manicure

What is a cuticle? It is a thin layer of skin at a nail plate which performs a protective function. Professionals in the field of manicure recommend not to cut off a cuticle — thanks to it bacteria and microbes do not get to the basis of nails, which allows nails to grow healthy, strong and beautiful. To make the cuticle look tidy, give it proper care.

1 Make a bath for your hands

Do you want to treat your cuticle at last? You should start with a bath for hands. Fill a small bowl with warm water and add a softening solution to it. Also, a shower gel or bath will be right, but only in case, your skin is not injured and not too dry. Five minutes will be enough to soak the skin, to soften a cuticle and in this way to prepare it for further care.

2 Use polish remover

The following stage of cuticle care is applying a lacquer remover. It is a special liquid which helps to separate the dead cuticle cells from living cells. It works the same way as peeling products; therefore, it often contains such components as fruit acids. Polish removers are released either in the form of liquid or in the form of gel; they react quickly and also soften the cuticle.

3 Slightly push the cuticle

The cuticle should not be cut off but moved carefully and neatly, the best option is with an orange stick. Avoid the excessive pressure upon the nail basis. If you press strongly, the nail coverage becomes uneven.

4 Massage the cuticle

Instead of pushing a stick on a nail while removing a cuticle, gently massage its basis and the skin around it. Beforehand, it is necessary to apply the cream with the moistening components on a cuticle — for example, glycerin. Rub it on a cuticle with a slight circular motion. Find enough time for each nail – not less than a minute.

5 Moisturize the cuticle

Use hand cream regularly and do not forget to treat the skin that is around nails. You can apply manicure oil until it is fully absorbed.