Nail Polish Application Rules: Basic Tips

Getting nails done at home is delicate work. Some people may not like it, at the same time others enjoy the process. However, it is good for every woman to have basic skills.

The main 6 rules of correct nail polish application:


1 Fight pterygium!

It is not enough to push the cuticle only. It is because its part (pterygium) grows into a nail plate, which makes careful lacquer application problematic and reduces its firmness. Therefore, be sure to put a remover on the tips of the nail plate and run over them with an orange stick.

2 No fat!

After the use of a remover wash your hands with soap. It not only will wash away the remains of aggressive substance, but also degrease a nail plate. At the same time, contact with water has to be the shortest. For the best effect, a special degreaser (a cleanser or a dehydrator) can be used as well. However, it is undesirable to use polish removal: it can cause yellowing of a nail plate, and the oils that it contains will negatively affect the firmness of manicure.

3 Basic concept

During the correct nail polish application, you should not neglect the base, especially when using bright lacquers. Nonetheless, the varnish is not often applied on base the same way as on a clean nail plate. The base dissolves after applying the color covering, prevents its equal distribution and formation of a neat cuticle line. To avoid such difficulties, the base can be applied with a little space left near a cuticle.

4 Do it first!

The first color layer is in 4 movements. Place a drop slightly above the center of a nail, then push towards the cuticle and distribute at the edges. In order to apply the layer neatly, do not hurry and press slightly on a brush so that it widens. Wait for 3 minutes before putting the next layer.

5 Do it next!

The second layer is put without “pushing”. Otherwise, a notch can be formed on the surface of polish. Put a brush near a cuticle, without pressing it, and allocate a drop at the edges, and then draw a line at the center.

6 Patience is a virtue

Wait at least for 20 minutes and do not trust promises of lacquer to dry within a minute! Not to spoil fresh varnish, think in advance how to keep yourself occupied at this time: get your smartphone or tablet out of the handbag, open the right page of your book, start the movie before you begin doing your nails.